[BCAB] Right click for jaws

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 25 18:36:33 GMT 2013

Personally in your situation I would use the free utility Sharp keys to
remap  one of your existing keys to become the application key.
This application is straightforward and fully accessible.
Just nominate the key in the first combo box and then select the application
key in the second combo box and let Sharp keys amend the registry.
Quite which one you remap will depend on the keys available.

I have used the alt graphic key on a netbook to make into a application key
and similarly a the right option on a Mac keyboard.
Potentially though you could just remap one of the function keys to become
the Application key.

Hope that you find one that that works.
Of course jaws number row 1 will turn keyboard help on to help you find a
suitable key.

David Griffith
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Hi all,

I am having issues using my right click.

Bearing in mind that I have used Jaws for years, I do not know much about
how to do things with it.

I am using a macbook with Windows XP running and Jaws 13.  Therefore no
applications key.

If I try shift + F10 the audio is silenced rather than any menus becoming
obvious.  The function I am trying to do is Drop Box related in that I want
to send a link to a file and am told to right click on the file.  Hence the
problem.  I have been unable to find  "Drop Box" in any of the menus to go
about it that way either.

So if you have a solution, please step-by-step.

Many thanks


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