[BCAB] Joobla

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 20:57:36 GMT 2013

Hello David.

I think you mean Joomla? Yes, i've used Joomla, Wordpress and drupal. 
They all essentially do the same thing, but the best by far that i've 
found to work with jaws and acreen readers is drupal. If you'd like to 
play with a demo site i've got, let me know and i'll let you log in. I 
can also provide you with web hosting if you'd like to host your own 
website. Let me know if i can help.

all the  best,


On 26/02/2013 19:47, David W Wood wrote:
> Hi all
> Has anyone used this CMS program?
> If so, how useable is it with HFW with speech and Braille?
> David W Wood

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