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Derek Naysmith derek.naysmith at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 27 10:49:56 GMT 2013

I've been using Carbonite for quite a few years now. While the accessibility
is not perfect I have been able to use it OK. Your backed up files appear as
an extra drive on Windows explorer and so are accessible directly. 
I have used the total restore a few times after replacing hard disks etc.
with no problems. 

I have upgraded to the  full package which includes backing up an external
hard drive and a mirror image facility. I am not 100% happy with the mirror
image side of things as my drive sounds like it is thrashing itself to death
while creating the image.  Once my existing contract expires I might
downgrade to the standard contract.
I certainly like the unlimited storage as I have just about everything
backed up on Carbonite- photos etc. 

I have used Carbonite to access files while I am away from home as it is
simply a matter of logging in to your account.

One nice feature is that you get an email reminder if no files have been
backed up for a week. Usually this would indicate you have been away on
holiday but...

P.S. If you do think about going for Carbonite please let me recommend you!


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Hi folks,


I'm mainly thinking of LiveDrive or Carbonite.  I'd be interested in peoples
views on,


A.       The Windows client accessibility.

B.      The IOS accessibility for remote reading, streaming files from
yoru cloud backup.

I can look at both their sites for their plans and was wondering if you've
went with either are the  unlimited plans really that?  I'm looking to
backup at least 1.5TB.


If you've another competitive solution, (not Dropbox, skyDrive, or
GoogleDrive, I'm not looking a syncing solution), I'd be interested to hear
yoru thoughts as well.





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