[BCAB] ReiPod Touch Set-up Independently Without Sighted Assistance

Neela neela4 at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 27 14:55:39 GMT 2013

I am thinking of having an iPod Touch, I already have an iPad Mini.  The 
Mini was set up for me by a sighted person.  Can I set up the iPad Touch 
without sighted assistance?  Can I turn on Voice Over right from the start 
when I turn it on to start the set-up process?
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> Yes you are going on the right path to setting up your new iPad Mini.
> Christopher Hallsworth
> On 27/02/2013 13:29, kay dear wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently brought an iPad mini.
>> I already have an iPhone.
>> I was told to set it up as a new iPad and not restore from back up.
>> Was this the right thing to do?
>> I signed in to my iCloud account during set up process.
>> Just wanted to make sure i was going on the right path.
>> Thanks,
>> Kay
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