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M Lakhani muzz.lakhani at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 27 17:38:21 GMT 2013

There's a similar issue with virgin too ! The problem is due to bottleneck issues on Cisco routers used by these firms & irregular packet transmission isn't something we can stop from happening . Always contact your provider if the problem persists. HTH

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On 27 Feb 2013, at 17:03, Chris H <christopherh40 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ok but how was it resolved please? Thanks!
> Christopher Hallsworth
> On 24/02/2013 17:36, S.Manning wrote:
>> Weve had a similar problem but only in the past few days.
>> Stuart.
>> On 24/02/2013 17:15, Chris H wrote:
>>> Good evening all.
>>> I am with Sky for my broadband and line rental.
>>> I am looking for general advice on intermittent crashes when my router
>>> connects via wifi.
>>> What happens is all the lights are showing normal, for example green for
>>> the internet, however my iPhone 4 refuses to connect. The same is true
>>> for my Windows 8 64 bit laptop. Member and friend Hannah Day can
>>> duplicate this on her iPhone 3Gs. If we try to select the network by
>>> going to settings, wifi, it says unable to join the network, with a
>>> dismiss button. I tried forgetting the network and re-joining it only to
>>> fail again. The laptop shows not connected and that connections are
>>> available. We did not attempt to connect manually for we would run into
>>> the same failure.
>>> The resolution was to shut the laptop down, switch off the router at the
>>> wall, leave for about 5 minutes, then switch it back on before switching
>>> the laptop back on. All is well after that.
>>> Like I say this is an intermittent problem.
>>> If I was to leave the router on 24 7, there are absolutely no problems.
>>> But understandably I do not want to do this for both health and safety
>>> as well as economic reasons.
>>> If it happens again, should I contact Sky for further investigation?
>>> Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Chris H.
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