[BCAB] Unable to Read with Adobie Acrobat XI

Gladyth Gupta gladyth.gupta at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 28 10:56:56 GMT 2013

Thanks Chris. I have been on to Dolphin as I have the latest version of Supernova. They could not solve the issue. I did indeed make note of Steve's e-mail back in January and this message also came up when I first ran Adobie but even though I went to Edit, Preferences and General I cannot find the box to uncheck it.
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Hi Neela!

I had this issue when I upgraded from Adobe 9 to XI. As I'm still using
JAWS9, I presumed that it was to do with this and so in the end, I had to go
back to Adobe 9 and all works fine again.

However if you're using a fairly up-to-date screen reader, this may not be 
the problem. I've pasted below the helpful reply from Steve Nut sent to this 
list a while ago, when someone else reported a problem with PDFs in Adobe 
XI. There's a setting you need to change, as protected mode is on by default 
and this may be your issue.

Hope this all helps.

Best Wishes

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Hi Clive,

This is actually quite simple.

Go to preferences, Control-K then N.

If you are not already on it, arrow down to the General category.

Now tab to Enable Protected Mode at Startup.  That box will be checked, I
can almost guarantee it.  Uncheck it.  Apply the settings and now try to
read a PDF.

All the best


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