[BCAB] Free Call on Bt

Alan Booth a.t.booth at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 28 20:22:22 GMT 2013

Hi listers

You are all probably much more aware of the following fact than me, but just
in case it's passed you by as well, I thought it was worth a mention.  

When we signed up to our BT package with free calls in it the time that free
calls applied was from 6 in the evening through to 8 o'clock the following
morning plus free calls at the weekend.  However, when checking a recent
bill it showed that this has been changed to 7 in the evening through until
7 o'clock in the morning plus weekends so another 2 hours of calls that now
need to be paid for.

Having not known of this change I had been using the post 6 o'clock time to
make many calls to do with fund raising for guide dogs as well as a number
of call backs for a helpline I volunteer on so it was quite a surprise to
find an extra hit on the bill for these formerly free calls.

It's nice to know that it's not just the energy companies and banks that
want to take more for less.



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