[BCAB] updated firefox but stil can't get audio on some sites

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 29 23:44:03 BST 2013

Hi all,

As you will see from the subject line, I have successfully updated firefox 
to version 21.

Having done this, I immediatley went back on Youtube and attempted to play 
some audio but it wouldn't work and the bit I was trying to play, has played 
for me via firefox in recent weeks.

I then tried the ITV site. This is a site I seem to have trouble with but 
thought I would be OK, now I've updated firefox.

I atempted to watch last wednesday's episode of Corronation street but when 
I eventualy found the link to play that episode, it wouldn't work.

I have also done a reboot but this hasn't made any diference.

I am somewhat baffled by this and i'm using JAWS 12, so shouldn't be having 
such problems.

If anyone can maybe shed any light on why I am having this problem and if 
you can offer any solutions, then please do let me know.



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