[BCAB] Database & VoiceOver

David Reynolds dkreynolds at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 5 13:58:37 GMT 2013

You're probably best off using an online database, and using mysql with some
kind of client to access it. 
This is an interesting question, and I'll fire up my ipad and have a look.

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I've been wanting a database software for managing some results on iOS or
Mac OS that works with VoiceOver - any takers?
Bento: slow & unresponsive on VoiceOver feedback 
FileMaker - inaccessible 
Oracle - not officially supported & a nightmare to install

Obviously I'm not even going to mention the Access for mac because its
design is limited & inaccessible .
I need lots of speed & something where I can use a dialect of SQL .
Suggestions welcomed !
Thanks for any assistance 

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