[BCAB] arranging apps on home screen

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 25 19:37:02 GMT 2013

Assuming what you want to do is move apps from page 2 onto page 1 of your
home screen I would suggest you do the following.

1. . Feel for the right side of the screen.
2. From this location swipe until you hear the name of the app you want to
3. Keeping your finger on the right side of the screen Double tap and hold
until you hear the  editing prompt.
4. When you hear the editing prompt slowly drag your finger across the
screen to the left.
5. When you approach the left edge of the screen you should hear  Voiceover
announce the page turning. Release your finger then and your app should be
on page 1.

This whole Home Screen management system is definitely tricky.
I never try  to do anything too complicated but break it up into smaller
steps. That is move a page. Then try to move within a page. If I am trying
to create a folder by dropping an app on another app I try to get the apps
next to each other to make this easier.

I think it helps to visualise it if you can.

If you are moving apps within a page there are 4 rows of 4 apps with spaces
in between each app which you could drop an app into. Theoretically you can
tell the position of an app by counting down the swipes. So for example an
app 5 swipes down is presumably on Row 2 column 1.  This may help you work
out where you are trying to drop an app you are dragging. I am still getting
used to this myself.

David Griffith
2. the 
. Double tap and hold your finger until you hear the editing prompt .d

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I've the latest Ipod Touch with the latest IOS update and am trying to
change the order of app icons on the home screen.  I had to do a complete
restore last week, which in the end I was willing to do as I had lots of
empty podcast folders which I couldn't get shot of.  Having downloaded apps,
they're all on page 2.  I've tried following the instructions on the Getting
Started with book for IOS 5, but when I try double tapping and holding on
any of the apps like it seems to say, I just get that dull noise you get
when touching a part of the screen where there's nothing and it just jumps
to the end of the list.  I had this problem before but had sighted help at
the time to sort it out.  
I've tried doing as the book said a number of times, not just once.  
any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.


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