[BCAB] Kindle App Gets Support for Accessibility Features

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Wed May 1 16:00:12 BST 2013

I have just tried the app and I think there may be limited cause for
It is certainly possible to now download a kindle book and have Voiceover
start reading the text of the book with a  2 finger upwards swipe.
In this sense it resembles ibooks.
 The fact that  Voiceover can read the Kindle text now is certainly a major
In one sense the app appears clunky though. I could find no easy way of
exiting the book reading window within the App.
A work around appears to press the Home Key and then re enter the Kindle App
from the Home Screen. On re-entering the app you appear to be put into a
window which allows bookmarking and navigation of the Book you are reading
by percentage. There is also a button to return to reading the book and a
Home button to return to your library where you can download your books.
It would be far easier if there was a button accessible to Voiceover which
could return you to this screen without having to exit to the iOS Home
Screen. b

It will need a little more experimentation but limited celebration seems
If anybody else  finds a way around the awkward moving from the reading pane
to the app Home screen and book controls please post.

David Griffith
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If this is right it's fantastic news. Has anyone else read this article or
tried the app?


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