[BCAB] hifi dac

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
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Hi David,

Try using AAC+ instead of MP3.  This is .m4A as sold by for example iTunes.
It is less lossi than MP3 and will give you the same quality I believe if
you rip and 320KBPS.

If you want a good ripper for this, forget Media Player and get DB Poweramp.

All the best


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hi list

I've been using a sony vaio laptop ( win xp) as a music source for a while
by connecting the headphone output into my trusty audiolab amplifier. After
doing a comparison between the original cd played on a cambridge audio
player and an mp3 ripped  using the highest quality settings on windows
media playerplayed on the vaio i've come to the conclusion that despite my
ageing ears there is a definite loss of quality. I've been considering
buying an external USB DAC in an attempt to improve the situation. Does
anyone have any experience that could help me in making a selection?? I am
also wondering whether I could arrange things in sucha way that jaws could
use the internal speakers rather than the main ones.


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