[BCAB] Book Bub

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Thu May 2 18:14:56 BST 2013

For those of you experimenting with the Kindle app or Kindle users generally
you may want to consider joining the Book bub mailing list.

This service alerts you to free or low cost eBooks, most on time limited
offer,  based on your preferences. You can specify books from a variety of
sources including Amazon.

When you get the email detailing the offers the links will take you to the
USA Amazon store . This is however  is no good if you are registered with
the UK store. However just copy and paste the book title and author from the
book bub email and put this into the UK kindle store search.  You will then
find the book is also generally available free from the Amazon UK store . I
downloaded 2 free books this afternoon using this method.

Note these are recent contemporary books on offer and are not old classics
as you would find in Project Gutenberg.
Book Bub also claim that they only give details of offers on popular best
selling books and do not provide links to  obscure poorly selling works.

They claim they respect your  email and do not sell on your details.
Looking at the nature of the links in their email I suspect that their
business model relies on getting a payment from Amazon and other eBook
retailers for each referral link made to the Amazon site.
Their failure to give a UK tailored service means that they are missing out
on UK business but you can still use the information they provide.


David Griffith

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