[BCAB] OCR Settings, to Reproduce Degraded Setting In Kurzweil 1000

Tony tony at seeingear.org
Sat May 4 16:41:11 BST 2013

Hello Ger

I don't know how Kurzweil implement their routines, but I do know that there 
is no such facility in FineReader. In general there is an image-processing 
stage before the OCR engine. The text is turned to black and white and it is 
this binarisation routine that has most affect on text quality. It is 
possible by modifying the parameters of this routine to thickrn the black so 
repairing broken text or if it is over-thick and filling in then can be made 
more clear.

These routines can be bought in by developers - I think Pegasus produce a 
library. So it may be that they are not part of either engine and whether or 
not you have access is dictated by the software vendor. Abbyy are really bad 
in this respect - you cannot even get at characters it cannot recognise 
outside of its own, very basic, editor.

You could use your own pre-processing software to increase contrast, sharpen 
edges and binarise but it starts to become a huge effort. A good place to 
look for free specialist software is www.diybookscanner.org. Usually the 
quickest way to deal with poor scans is to re-do them if possible.


Tony Dart
The Seeing Ear

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> Hi all,
> Can anyone tell me how the "degraded" text quality setting in Kurzweil
> 1000 works and how I can reproduce its effect with something like
> Omnipage or AbbyyFinereader.
> It must be possible, since K1000 uses these engines for recognition.
> Ger
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