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Hmm it's not a memory issue unless you're trying it with less than 1GB with some access tech!
The issue is not that the USB plug in would automatically find the piece of hardware - that sort of info isn't ubiquitous . The USB probably doesn't know what's been inserted, so fails to detect that you've connected a printer!
When you plugged the printer cable, I'm assuming you've connected to the web for your PC to search the drivers look up tables!
By the way after the processor change, does anything else work ok with that USB port? Sometimes, changing the internals does affect the bios configuration , as power distribution gets altered!
So I'd first check the USB port!
If that's ok, then it might be worth using the installer for the printer to check if a 32 bit machine is ok for installation - 64 bit architecture will support 32 bit components up to the component's maximum capability! 
One other thing: you changed the processor . Does your OS registers this change? I mean that although your PC is now 64 bit capable, your OS needs the capability to work fully with this, or you'll miss out on the benefit of your upgrade !

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On 4 May 2013, at 04:46, stephen thacker <steve.thacker at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Hi folks, I've juit plugged in a new quad core pc 4100 processor
> - not sure what size memory, Windows 7 premium 64 bit using
> Window-eyes 8.2. I'm trying to install my Epson printer as the
> software I saved from the old pc doesn't seem to be compatible.
> Is that due to it being on a 32 bit machine? How can I find out
> what version of Epson the machine is, it might be the 21 series
> for example, so I can download and install the software. I had
> thought as a usb piece of hardware it would automatically try to
> install but don't think it has?
> Any help please?
> Cheers, Steve
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