[BCAB] Another Kindle app question

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Mon May 6 14:45:41 BST 2013

Was the first book you successfully downloaded a free book by any chance?
I know that the DRM limits on some free books is much looser  than on
purchased books.

I believe there is a limit to the number of devices of any particular kind
which you can register for Kindle , however I think this is relatively
generous and multiple registrations to each device is possible I think, .
This is counted however and this generally means that for purchased books
you need to be logged in under the name of the account you purchased the
book under a registered device.

The behaviour you are describing would be accounted for if Kindle thought
you were trying to access books you purchased under one account with another
email address. 

David Griffith
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Hi, Although I have successfully downloaded and read one book on my Kindle
app. all the other books I have downloaded and try to read I get the same
error message. The message says to delete the book from my device and to
download from cloud, if the error continues to reregister my device. I
already have 2 Kindles registered so didn't have to register the app. The
only difference is the e-mail account which my Kindles are registered to is
different to the one I have on my Iphone. Could this be causing the problem
but if so why did one book successfully download. anysuggestions would be
gratefully accepted. susan Jones
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