Norman Octon norman at octon2002.f2s.com
Mon May 6 16:46:19 BST 2013

Hi listers,

I've just discovered that the BlindCoolTech site has gone static since 
December 2012, and that none of the links seem to be downloadable.  Has the 
site been abandoned, or is it just a bad afternoon!

Actually, I was looking for a comparison of using GPS iPhone apps, as an 
earlier lister was not so long ago.  There are references to BlindCoolTech.


Norman O.

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From: stephen thacker
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2013 4:18 PM
To: bcab at lists.bcab.org.uk

Hi folks, I'm using a Windows 7 with 64 bit pc using Window-eyes
8.2 and have three blank fields to fill in - is there anything I
can try to read the headings please?

Cheers, Steve

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