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elspeth pearce elspeth_pearce at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon May 6 21:58:52 BST 2013

Hi can I use Voicedream for reading kindle books with the kindle app?

Kind regards


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From: David Griffith <d.griffith at btinternet.com>
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Date: Sunday, 5 May 2013 21:00
Subject: [BCAB] Kindle App and navigation

> There was an email earlier today suggesting that there were difficulties
> with navigation with the Kindle App.
> Using the app in the last half an hour I found 
> 1. Swiping left and right with 3 fingers navigates a page at a time.
> 2. using the rota you can read by  line word or character.
> 3. By double tapping  in the text and bringing up the menu I could use the
> bookmark button to insert a bookmark.
> I could then double tap on the return to book button to go back to the book.
> 4. If I double tapped in the text and went back to the menu I could select
> go to.
> This brought up a number of navigation options including the contents.
> 5. by double tapping on my note/marks button I was able to enter a dialogue
> where my previously saved bookmark was available as a point to return to the
> text by. The bookmark was identified by a section of the text that was
> bookmarked. If you use Voice Dream bookmarks this is identical to how they
> label bookmarks.
> I have found no navigation restrictions so far in the app.
> What I have found useful is to go to Voiceover settings and ensure that both
> speech rate and punctuation are selected in the rota.
> I found that actually for reading a Kindle book I needed to reduced my
> normal voiceover speed for maximum comprehension. If speech rate is included
> in the rota this is easily adjusted. I moved the location of the speech rate
> element in the rota settings so that it was for convenience next to
> punctuation.
> I also found that setting punctuation to none, gave the best reading results
> in the app, as otherwise it was announcing odd characters.
> I have also now ridded all the English voices to my language rota as this
> will provide some variety in book reading voices.
> The book reading result in the Kindle app is not as polished as Voice Dream
> with Acapella voices but it certainly usable and is a big breakthrough in
> access. It is no longer necessary to break Amazon copy protection and I
> personally have committed to respecting their digital rights now that they
> have done the right thing in terms of accessibility coding.
> I have given my Kindle keyboard to my wife as I do not anticipate that I
> will be using it now that this app is on the iPod.
> David Griffith .
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