David Bailes david_bailes at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 7 20:16:02 BST 2013

Hi Wendy,
To uninstall IE10:
1. Go to the programs and features page of the control panel.
2. Tab to view installed updates link and open it - you're taken the installed updates page.
3. Press ctrl+e to move to the search box on that page, type in something like internet, then arrow down till you find internet explorer 10.
4. Uninstall using its context menu.
original message:
I got some automatic updates today, and although I had unchecked the box for
IE10, it was installed anyway.  I want to uninstall it, but it doesn't
appear in the control panel programs and features list.  Going to the
desktop shortcut and exploring the context menu, there is no option to
uninstall.  Any suggestions?

Windows 7 Home Premium.


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