[BCAB] Using the Audible UK website

Léonie Watson tink at tink.co.uk
Thu May 9 08:35:55 BST 2013

I haven't had any trouble playing audio from either the search results or
book pages. I'm using FF20 and IE10. Took a quick look under the hood but
the code's too complex to work out how they've implemented it, without
spending an age reading through it all. It used to be Flash based though,
and given they're still using an xHTML doctype, I don't imagine they've
attempted to use any of the new HTML5 audio capability.



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Thanks. I never thought about doing an 'unabridged' search.

Please are you still able to play samples on the new site? I've not had any
luck on Firefox & IE using JAWS 14. Thanks.


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Thought a fresh discussion topic might be a good idea. Here’s how I
typically search for books on Audible UK...


In the search box on any page, I type “unabridged” (without the quote marks
of course).


This returns more than 61,000 results, so I use the filters to narrow things
down. Each of the filters has a heading before it, so they’re really easy to



First I choose only to see books in English, then I choose the category of
books I’m interested in. There are 22 categories covering all popular


There are other filters for release date, length, programme type and
programme format, but I rarely use those myself.


Next I choose to sort the results by release date. I buy books regularly
from Audible, and this makes it easy to go through all the books that have
been released since I last used the website. 


When you choose any of these settings the page reloads, so you have to do
them one at a time. When I’m ready to browse the results, I move to the
“Unabridged” heading (it’s the only level 1 heading on the page), then just
start reading down through the page.


Each of the titles in the search results is a link. When I find a title I’m
interested in I follow the link, and from there use the headings to find
information about the book including the publisher’s summary.


If I decide to buy the book I use the “Add book X Y Z” to basket” link,
where X Y Z is the title of the book. If I’m not sure, I use the “Add book X
Y Z to wishlist”, and if I’m not interested at all, I go back to the search
results and carry on.


To do all of this all you need is to be able to use a simple form, then
navigate the page using headings, and make selections using links. This
process hasn’t changed with the new redesign.










Carpe diem.


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