[BCAB] Kindle Reading Word Docs

Norman Octon norman at octon2002.f2s.com
Sat May 11 16:38:52 BST 2013


I sent a PDF file yesterday, and I got a message from the Kindle App that it 
could not be read by Voiceover.  I had really hoped that the app would sort 
out this PDF, as it was partly in columns.

Norman O.

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From: Neela
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 12:23 PM
To: BCAB Discussion List
Subject: [BCAB] Kindle Reading Word Docs

Just wondering if I can send myself Word 20i03 documents byh e-mailing them
to my Kindle address.  I know I can do this with pdf files and they are
great.  Has anyone done it with the Word please?

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