[BCAB] audible on IPhone

kay dear beckhammad28 at hotmail.com
Sun May 12 08:26:59 BST 2013


I've been using the audible app for a good few weeks now and i've had no 
accessibility issues with it.
You can jump back in a book, as i've done a good few times.
The book marking facility is good too.
The only problem i'm having at the moment is i can't see a book i've 
recently purchased come up in my library.


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Hi all.

I am sure there are pod casts kicking around explaining this but, in brief,
is the IPhone audible app accessible and can you do most things with it such
as fast backward and forward, jump by a fixed amount such as by page or by
chapter or even by section?

Are there any major accessibility problems?



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