[BCAB] Can IPhone do the following

Chris H christopherh40 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 23:12:49 BST 2013

Well I am blind with light perception and I use VoiceOver totally on the 
iPone. I can use the phone so to speak in a call providing I move my 
phone away from the ear. This activates the proximity sensor which 
activates the speakerphone required for VoiceOver use in a call. I do 
have a keyboard but I soly rely on the touch screen. As for text 
scanning I cannot comment personally but there's been excellent reviews 
lately of apps such as Talking Goggles, Tap Tap See, etc etc.

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On 12/05/2013 22:18, Kate Harrington wrote:
> I've recently joined BCAB, and am considering buying an IPhone because
> my E72 is rapidly oxidising due to an unintended bath.
> I use my phone in the following way, and wonder whether I will be able
> to do so with the IPhone.
> While in a call, I can look up info from my contacts, where I keep all
> sorts of stuff like my card numbers, pin numbers, etc - all data which
> would make it very dangerous for me if my phone was lost or stolen. I
> can read out whatever the person on the other end wants to know, I can
> write info they give me, insert calendar entries, read and write text
> messages, and do it efficiently so the person I'm talking to doesn't
> have to wait for ages. If they had to wait for ages it would cost me too
> much and I would have found another way of storing and giving
> information, but the phone as one piece of equipment suits me fine,
> despite the worries others have about the security issues. It also has a
> text scanner that I can use to read letters.
> I am totally blind, and find that the TALKS on the E72 is very quick and
> accurate, and I would love to be able to use the IPhone in the ways I
> now use the E72.
> I know there will be many other advantages to having an IPhone. One
> being the SatNav. I don't know if that can do all that the Trekker can,
> but if so it will be nice to lose one piece of equipment.
> Any info you can give me about how you use your IPhone would be useful.
> Do you use it without any sight? Do you use a keyboard for anything? Are
> their things you can't do with the IPhone if you are using a keyboard?
> I've read the comparison between an IPhone and an Android model, I was
> considering a Galaxy s4, none of the pro or con points about either
> phone mentioned using the phones, in the way I do, during a call, or if
> mention was made I don't remember it.
> Thanks.        Kate
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> Subject: [BCAB] Android Tablet
>> Would anybody be able to recommend a good android tablet? My daughter
>> needs
>> one for a further 3 years of University so a good robust model would be
>> good.
>> Accessibility is not a priority as she is sighted but  durability for
>> usage
>> over a few years would be good.
>> She will have needs for Web, word processing Email and multimedia,
>> including
>> YouTube.
>> I have offered the option of iPad but she prefers not to go the Apple
>> route.
>> She already has an android phone.
>> Thanks for any recommendations.
>> David Griffith
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