[BCAB] Problem with tables in Microsoft Word

Tom Reid tom.reid21 at virginmedia.com
Mon May 13 17:14:01 BST 2013

Hi katherine,

Sounds like the table has some protection on it to prevent it being

I'd put a note at the top of your application explaining problems and
indicating that you were attaching extra sheets.

Good luck with application.



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Has anyone any ideas why the option to insert an extra column or row in a
table in Word 2003 should be greyed out?  This is an application form for a
job which has several tables in it.  For some sections they say use separate
sheets if necessary and so I want to add an extra row to the table.  I am in
the last cell of the table but when I go into Table/insert all the options
there (such as column to the right and row below) are unavailable...any


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