[BCAB] NVDA Installation Query

jilliangrant at talktalk.net jilliangrant at talktalk.net
Tue May 14 14:15:42 BST 2013

It's a while since I updated NVDA, but I seem to recall that it had to 
be uninstalled before a new copy could be installed.  If I didn't do it 
first, I'd be prompted to do so in the installation process.  I'm not 
sure if you can stop having to reconfigure NVDA each time you install 
the newest version.  I use it as a secondary screen reader, so I guess 
I don't mind doing this.


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Hi List.

If I download and run a new update to NVDA, will this simply install 
over my existing installation or will it install a separate copy, as 
with JAWS. There's certain aspects of the present installation I'd 
rather not lose, if at all possible.



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