[BCAB] DBPowerAmp and Express Rip

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Tue May 14 16:32:17 BST 2013

Hi Clive,

It is accessible, but you do need to know a little about mousing around with
your screen reader in some parts.

I use it all the time with Window-Eyes.

All the best


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Hi all,

I'm thinking of changing over from Express Rip to DBPowerAmp as my preferred
CD Ripping program. Please can anyone tell me:

1. How accessible is it?
2. How easy is it to customize the filenames of ripped tracks? I'd want ot
store my album tracks in a path my music/genre/artist/album, and with a file
format "01 - track name.mp3". Is this easily achievable?
3. How easy is it to edit the tags as you go, for example, if the search for
track info has brought back a mis-spelled name, or the album title isn't
quite right?
4. Which online databases does it use to get its information, and how easy
is it to select your preferred database?

For information, the reason I want to leave Express Rip behind is that it
uses only two databases, and you can select which one you want the programme
to try first, but recently, the search on MusicBrainz (ordinarily the best
of the two) brings back no information, giving albums with artist name,
genre, title and year blank and tracks showing as "Track 1, track 2, track
3". A programme that can use only one database isn't good enough, given the
number of times searches can tell you that a Z Z Topp album is Heinrich von
Schtinkhorn conducting the Krappenheim symphony orchestra in concerto  #125
for Kazoo and orchestra, or whatever.


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