[BCAB] a bit OT, but???

Tom Reid tom.reid21 at virginmedia.com
Wed May 15 10:33:35 BST 2013

Hi David,

Cross trainer is easier on the knees, depending on how old you are. You can
do more things with it like go backwards and exercise your arms as well. 

Another bit of kit you might want to look is a spin bike. You can get plenty
of cardio and a bit like the cros trainer you can go backwards and forwards,
stand up sit down...

I would advise you to go to a gym and have a go or go to a shop that sells
the stuff and do the same.

Prices vary a lot, but, if you're not trying to win the olympics don't pay
loads. You need stuff that's comfortable and good enough for the fitness you
want for yourself.



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sorry for this, i know that it is a bit of topic, but i was hoping that i
could get some reviews, on weather to get a cross trainer, or a treadmill?
and if so any reccomdations?
many thanks
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