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Wed May 15 22:08:38 BST 2013

Dongles are sort of ok!
Vodafone is just workable with jaws & NVDA !
3 is better & cheaper! 
However I was wondering if you've thought about tethering instead as an alternative to buying yet another piece of kit with questionable accessibility ?
It is far more simple to use, more accessible & if you know how much data you want from your dongle, you can just buy an add on from your existing carrier & save the hassle of even more admin & legal paperwork from yet another entity? 
Besides, tethering might even turn out cheaper in the long run if you get a sensible data add on :) 

I've written out instructions for tethering using an iPhone & iPad  on my blog 

Please let me know if i could be of more assistance !

Muzz here:

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On 15 May 2013, at 20:58, "Richard Godfrey-McKay" <lists.godfrey-mckay at virginmedia.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm on the hunt for a different dongle for use with my laptop.  I
> currently use Vodafone which is accessible, but I'd welcome thoughts on the
> accessibility of dongles offered by other providers.  I think I can get a
> competitive deal with Virgin, but not sure if it is usable with Jaws.  Your
> thoughts would be very welcome, thank you. 
> Richard
> Richard Godfrey-McKay
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