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Your home screen is actually a number of screens. I think there are two screens to begin with, but as they fill up, new apps spill over into additional screens.

You can move left/right through the different home screens by swiping with three fingers. So if you're on the first home screen and want to get to the second, put three fingers on the right of the screen and swipe them to the left. If you want to go back again, put three fingers on the left of the screen and swipe them towards the right.

Usually new apps will be downloaded to the next empty spot somewhere on your home screens. So if you have three home screens full of apps, the next app you download will likely be on the fourth home screen.


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Good evening folks:
As the subject line states, I am a new iphone user.
I have today downloaded a couple of aps but can’t find them on my phone.  I had presumed they would be somewhere on the home screen or in the utilities folder since I have not created any new folders.  If anyone has any idea where on the phone they may have downloaded to i would be grateful.
Many thanks.
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