[BCAB] Adobe acrobat crashing

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Fri May 17 01:07:21 BST 2013

Hi all,

I have been working on a new module in my studies and Adobe seems to have hit a problem.
Win XP Pro 32 bit, Jaws 13 Pro, Eset Security Suite, Adobe Acrobat XI

Up until this afternoon I have been able to read the pdfs with not so much trouble.  When I went to open another the computer began to hang.  I waited several minutes and still nothing doing.  I exitted using Alt+F4 and then Jaws came back to life with the Error reporting bit.  I clicked the link to find how to avoid the problem.  I was informed that a newer version of AA was available and clicked the link to download it.  Upon doing so the installation went ahead and I was told that the software is already present.  No finish button or anything similar.  After rebooting and trying again still the same trouble.  I have tried several pdfs and still no joy.  I tried opening just Adobe and no joy there either.  When trying on my other PC with the same set up I did not have the problems.  So I am running a virus scan, have cleaned up the start up in msconfig and am awaiting results.
Any suggestions as to how to remove the blockage?
I am thinking to remove AA and reinstall again after a reboot but wondered if there was another, less drastic way around the issue as I cannot recall all of the delicate settings for AA.

Many thanks


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