[BCAB] Urgent, How To Automatically Check Two Files to Identify Differences in Files of The Same Name

Gerard Sadlier gerard.sadlier at gmail.com
Fri May 17 20:30:30 BST 2013

Hi all

I have 2 versions of the same folder. Both are large, about 100GB in size.

There are thousands of files. I want to merge the folders, to make
them into 1 single folder, thus making the material in the folder more

Most of the files are the same but I am worried that there will be
files of the same name (in the same place in the directory structure)
which are different.

Clearly, I can't check each individual file in the windows replace
files dialogue so I am looking for a programme to do this for me.

I have found several utilities that do this but all seem to rely on
visual representations.

Accessible alternatives wanted!


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