[BCAB] Which IPhone

Kate Harrington kathrynharrington at btinternet.com
Fri May 17 21:56:56 BST 2013

Hi IPhone users,
I need to get an IPhone as it seems to be the only viable replacement for my 
bathed phone whose deterioration is rapidly increasing.
The contract prices are very high monthly for the IPhone 5, half the price 
if I go for a 4.
Why might I want a 5 rather than a 4?
I want to be able to use the SatNav function. I believe there is a compas 
too. Does the 5 handle the SatNav or the compas better than the 4, if so, 
Can I enter landmarks on the SatNav, similar, for those who know it, to the 
way I can on the Trekker?
I know the 4 doesn't have Siri. Why do those of you who use it find it of 
value. I know you can ask it to help find facilities, for want of a better 
word, but is it very difficult to find such things without it. I can use 
voice commands on my phone, but I find the keyboard quicker so never do. I 
have disabled TALKS from telling me who is calling. Is Siri perhaps a way of 
getting to things more easily than navigating through screens? How good is 
it at hearing when you want to speak quietly so others don't hear while you 
are out, and how well does it cope with traffic noise?
I've never used a touch screen before, so I'm going to find it all difficult 
to start with, but I'm asking a competent touch screen user to tell me why 
Siri - would it be worth spending a further £10 per month for 24 months.
Currently I can assign 13 function keys to go directly to a 
function/application on the phone. If there are other things I want to 
access, I have arranged them in the menus, and I can pick the entry by 
typing a number.
These are ways that make it quick for me to use my phone. Are there ways of 
quickly getting to most used apps on the IPhone, 4 or 5, which is best?
The same applies to when I am in a call. I know I'll need to have the IPhone 
on speaker phone, but how easy can it be made to quickly get to applications 
so I can look up or send a contact, appointment, text message etc?
How much of what I can now do might I not be able to achieve on the IPhone. 
There may well be plenty of other apps that will be of such a benefit that I 
just have to suffer my losses.
Would getting a keyboard help speed things up?
I saw some keyboard commands on the Apple vis site which suggest it might, 
do any of you find one useful and why? Are there things that the phone can 
do which can't be accessed by using the keyboard? Maybe it is only of value 
for writing and reading text.
I don't want to ask too many things here, but anything you can tell me about 
which phone is best to use and why would be appreciated.
I've joined a mailing list from the Apple vis site, but have not had any 
mails yet, maybe it is out of date.
What list would you recommend where I might be able to ask for the sort of 
help I'm asking you for.
Thanks.        Kate 

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