[BCAB] Urgent, How To Automatically Check Two Files to Identify Differences in Files of The Same Name

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Fri May 17 22:38:13 BST 2013


No idea of any sftware but you could try the following and it is a bit of a 
Select all the files in one folder and cut, not copy.
Paste into the other folder and when you get the dialog asking if you want 
to replace, click no by pressing the n key.  You will probably need to do 
this many times and it is boring.
Back in the first folder is all the stuff that shares name and filetype. 
Then it comes down to ploughing through.  If you get the software you are 
looking for you could still make use of it at this stage.


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> Hi all
> I have 2 versions of the same folder. Both are large, about 100GB in size.
> There are thousands of files. I want to merge the folders, to make
> them into 1 single folder, thus making the material in the folder more
> useful.
> Most of the files are the same but I am worried that there will be
> files of the same name (in the same place in the directory structure)
> which are different.
> Clearly, I can't check each individual file in the windows replace
> files dialogue so I am looking for a programme to do this for me.
> I have found several utilities that do this but all seem to rely on
> visual representations.
> Accessible alternatives wanted!
> Ger
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