[BCAB] outlook and microsoft word query

Denise Knott denise.knott at talktalk.net
Sat May 18 13:24:37 BST 2013

Hello Paul

Could it be that some emails are using a different file format.  I used to 
send emails using my Voice Sense, which isa Braille keyboard with speech 
then translated to text for those receiving the mail.  Just a suggestion.

All the best


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Subject: [BCAB] outlook and microsoft word query

Hi all,

This may be a long shot but wonder if anyone can solve this problem.

I have tonight created a new word document and am in the process of copying
the text from a number of emails into this one document.

Now,all seemed to be going wel until I had copied the contents of the fourth
related Email.

When I returned to my word document, I found that JAWS was only reading the
title of it and not the contents I had previously copied.

I then got several error mesages up and at one point, JAWS CRASHED AND I HAD

Although all is wwel again, in so much as I have stil got the document with
all the contents in it so far, I am baffled as to why I am having trouble
copying text from some emails into a word document.

I can't quite rmember what the error mesages said but at one point, I got a
series of options, including a send and dont send error report.

I am currently using outlook version 6, Microsoft ofice word 2007 and JAWS

Also, I noticed that when I open the Emails concerned, I can't read the text
of any of these by left or right arrowing, yet I can do by reading line by
line or using insert f3.

I wonder if the copying problem is down to the way the Emails have been set

ON pressing insert f, JAWS is telling me that the font is times new roman 18
justified and one of the othre identical Emails is in 11 and I think the
same font setting.

If anyone can tel me how I can successfully copy the text of these Emails
into my word document, without any aggrow, then please do let me know.



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