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Cirri is indeed handy, but by no means fool proof ! I rely on it for little tasks for getting them out of the way! Dictation is a lot more useful to me!
I'm pretty proficient on GPS  & it's a fantastic thing to have on the go!
Re your worry about qwerty layouts: you'll be pleased to know that the keyboard layout on the screen is qwerty - sort of - punctuation & numbers are accessed with a built in key called more numbers , but what you're able to input is hugely increased! !
Actually the maximum rate of speech on iOS is a bit faster than Nokia ! 
I've not been affected by speaking aloud in public places- just do those private & sensitive tasks in a quiet setting or at home. I've also found that covering my mouth with the other hand whilst using voice commands improves the response , especially in noisy places where using earphones isn't possible! 
I'd like to point out The dictation and Siri work best when there is a good Internet connection. Best results are octaneed  at home if you have connected your iPhone to your home broadband network. That's why it is important that you choose  the right network, especially around the areas you  need to access the features the most That involves "data connection, Such as surfing the web, social networking, voice dictation, and most importantly the GPS.  There are also apps for buses & trains so you can travel more independently! 
You said that you assigned 13 key combinations for 13 apps on the phone: the iPhone comes built in with around 20 or so apps & you can add more as you please! You get 16 apps on each page, which can be accessed using a simple gesture! Also on the bottom of each page, is the doc, which is a good reference point! So each page has 16 apps + 4 apps in the dock!
I've actually arranged my apps alphabetically , which is handy for locating apps the hard way! Touching an app calls out its name, so a 4 by 4 grid, plus dock at the bottom is your layout to work with!
I've already said that I use the spotlight search to get an app if cirri doesn't feel right to use- I've got over 250 apps on my phone, & this method is efficient & accessible , & you can even do a web search with it!
I agree with Richard about back up & transfer , & apple or your carrier can also help with it if you find it difficult to do yourself !
Applevis is surely a good resource & even the old info on it is mainly relevant & helpful! Also, info about using the iPad , iPad mini & iPod touch will mostly also apply to iPhone since  iOS is ubiquitous , barring the difference in screen size & the ability to put in a sim for making calls or using data from a carrier , so you've got plenty to choose from! 
If you want a demo, you can link back to me privately !
Once you're over the learning curve, you'll find that iPhone is closer to a mini computer in nature, & increases the possibilities for doing so much more with a device in your pocket! It's also important to note that Nokia will be pulling the plug on the Simbeon OS in favour of windows phone 8, so why not embrace the system which is the future? 
As the old saying goes: once you've used mac you'll never go back :)


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On 18 May 2013, at 12:11, "Kate Harrington" <kathrynharrington at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Thanks Muzz,
> You say Siri stops you fiddling through screens to get at things. I might well need it then, the reason I didn't use voice commands on my phone is because I had single keys set up to take me to 13 different apps, so didn't need it. It will take me some time to get used to having to speak aloud what I want to do, I hate people being able to overhear. I use speech at it's highest rate on my phone, a Nokia E72. I don't want a C5 because it isn't qwerty.
> I'll look at your website, and I've also had a look at Apple vis, lots of the data was old though.
> My problem is I only get about a week where I have both phones, before my old number is taken over to the IPhone, I can't afford to run both contracts.
> If I can find out as much as possible before agreeing to a contract, then I should be in a better position to decide whether I go for a contract double what mine is now, or try and get another E72 second hand. I don't mind a steep learning curve, but I'd like to be able to have a reasonable go at assessing whether the level of skill I might attain would make me as quick and confident with the IPhone, however I end up using it, as I am with the E72.
> Are you good at using the GPS on yours? If I could get good at that it would make a lot of difference, because I wouldn't have to have the trekker with me. I often forget it when I go out and can rarely go back for it because we have a very limited bus service where I live, so it would be great if gps was on the phone.
> Thanks.        Kate.
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>> Hi Kate
>> Your email has a lot of questions, so lets try & tackle them 1 at a time, & by all means, please link back again if something isn't clear or more info is needed :)
>> Viable alternative :
>> I'm going to take a wild guess & assume  that you're using a Nokia phone with talks! iPhone isn't the only alternative - you do have Android phones too, & some people have also talked about the Nokia c5 with talks on this list, which I think you can still get from RNIB - would someone please verify this? iPhone is however the more popular accessible viable alternative due to a longer presence of a fully integrated accessibility suite on the device! However for this discussion lets assume that you do decide on iPhone - the answers to your questions is then as follows!
>> iPhone 4, 4s or 5:
>> Obviously you've covered prices! The way apple devices work is by the use of an operating system, called iOS!  By design , you get every iPhone with this on it, since the very 1st iPhone was launched in 2007! However each new version of the iPhone adds one or two new features that become the minimum benchmark moving forward! The overall software & the physical design are sometimes also tweaked , but generally all companies do this! The internal hardware, camera & material quality are as a rule of thumb , also improved slightly with every new iteration !
>> iPhone 4 brought us FaceTime - the HD quality video chat between apple devices
>> iPhone 4S was ciri
>> iPhone 5 has that new lightning cable, plus the first apple based phone that works on kevin bacon's superfast EE network & has 4G capability!
>> Obviously newer phones provide faster response times & a better battery life, so you do indeed get to do a lot more stuff together for longer!
>> Sat nav & compass:
>> If you're looking for using a lot of data on the go & you want accurate results, then a faster internal mechanism is always better. 4s & 5 - the latter is faster, but accuracy isn't really compromised, even though battery life is much better on 5!  Yes you can indeed save favourites & points of interest ! You'll probably need a third party app like navigon if you want to emulate Trekker's functionality & applevis has plenty of reviews & threads on it!
>> Ciri , voice commands & keyboard :
>> Apple devices are touch screens, so not having physical buttons mean you might need other ways of interaction , based on your task! I've been a touch screen user on iOS since late 2009, & can use speech at full speed since 2011 for everything ! However sometimes the option of searching the web, voice dialling , sending a quick text, managing calendar on the fly without fiddling through the screens is really useful, especially on the road! This also helps me to plot routes on the go quickly - it's not perfect but easy & quick if you get the hang of it!
>> There's a dictate function which is good for doing lengthy emails, & how you get on it depends on how much you're comfortable on touch!
>> You don't really need a keyboard as such - it's another thing to carry & defeats the point of ease & speed! Having said that, I do occasionally use a physical keyboard , but I don't think it's allowed me to do anything I can't do just as easily on the screen, & surely nothing extra! I've used it mainly due to my rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers that make it difficult to hold & hit the screen! Also, the only times I've really needed a physical keyboard is to edit quick office documents on trains & buses, edit code or HTML , using specific apps for engineering or for doing lengthy emails when using voice hasn't felt appropriate !
>> Which shortcut is most used, depends on your task at hand, but VO+space is the one I've used the most: the one like pressing enter on a PC! I've listed all of them on my blog here:
>> http://www.fram3.co.uk/blog
>> If you notice, I've also listed the touch gestures, & they are all doing the same thing!
>> Navigating through screens & apps:
>> As pointed out, you can always arrange icons in folders or on different pages! I've always found this a cumbersome & inefficient method! In fact I use the built in spotlight search! It's quick to activate, accessible & avoids painful location of anything on the phone - just enter the 1st few letters, & things get listed quickly! This has been part of iOS since 2007 so should be there on any iOS device, & even on a mac !
>> Call quality, headphones & speech:
>> This one always surprises me! Provided you know what you're doing, you can get it to behave just the ideal way! I've used VoiceOver to exchange info, contacts, documents, messages & even emails when on a call! I've not really needed to use the earphones unless its by choice! True that traffic noise can impair the sound transfer on calls whether speaking or listening , but I'm yet to find a phone that can actively minimise this cocktail party effect without earpiece or headphones! Actually the speakers on the iPhone are louder on the newer models for listening to music or playing games or videos!
>> Resources :
>> The bcab list should be able to answer your questions for sure! You may also like to look at tutorials by David Woodbridge from vision Australia that explain how to use iPhone with VoiceOver !
>> Any other queries, just link back!
>> HTH
>> Muzz
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>> On 17 May 2013, at 21:56, "Kate Harrington" <kathrynharrington at btinternet.com> wrote:
>>> Hi IPhone users,
>>> I need to get an IPhone as it seems to be the only viable replacement for my bathed phone whose deterioration is rapidly increasing.
>>> The contract prices are very high monthly for the IPhone 5, half the price if I go for a 4.
>>> Why might I want a 5 rather than a 4?
>>> I want to be able to use the SatNav function. I believe there is a compas too. Does the 5 handle the SatNav or the compas better than the 4, if so, how?
>>> Can I enter landmarks on the SatNav, similar, for those who know it, to the way I can on the Trekker?
>>> I know the 4 doesn't have Siri. Why do those of you who use it find it of value. I know you can ask it to help find facilities, for want of a better word, but is it very difficult to find such things without it. I can use voice commands on my phone, but I find the keyboard quicker so never do. I have disabled TALKS from telling me who is calling. Is Siri perhaps a way of getting to things more easily than navigating through screens? How good is it at hearing when you want to speak quietly so others don't hear while you are out, and how well does it cope with traffic noise?
>>> I've never used a touch screen before, so I'm going to find it all difficult to start with, but I'm asking a competent touch screen user to tell me why Siri - would it be worth spending a further £10 per month for 24 months.
>>> Currently I can assign 13 function keys to go directly to a function/application on the phone. If there are other things I want to access, I have arranged them in the menus, and I can pick the entry by typing a number.
>>> These are ways that make it quick for me to use my phone. Are there ways of quickly getting to most used apps on the IPhone, 4 or 5, which is best?
>>> The same applies to when I am in a call. I know I'll need to have the IPhone on speaker phone, but how easy can it be made to quickly get to applications so I can look up or send a contact, appointment, text message etc?
>>> How much of what I can now do might I not be able to achieve on the IPhone. There may well be plenty of other apps that will be of such a benefit that I just have to suffer my losses.
>>> Would getting a keyboard help speed things up?
>>> I saw some keyboard commands on the Apple vis site which suggest it might, do any of you find one useful and why? Are there things that the phone can do which can't be accessed by using the keyboard? Maybe it is only of value for writing and reading text.
>>> I don't want to ask too many things here, but anything you can tell me about which phone is best to use and why would be appreciated.
>>> I've joined a mailing list from the Apple vis site, but have not had any mails yet, maybe it is out of date.
>>> What list would you recommend where I might be able to ask for the sort of help I'm asking you for.
>>> Thanks.        Kate
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