[BCAB] Book Reader with eloquence TTS?

david pritchard wd.pritchard at btinternet.com
Sun May 19 09:33:38 BST 2013

I'm also a fan of eloquence as a book reader tts voice, and find it 
preferable in cases where there are difficult names to pronounce. I convert 
all my books to .txt files and read them either on a laptop (jaws) or my 
nokia n86 (talks). For reading on the n86 i use notepad lite which allows me 
to perform limited text editing to find sections  I'm looking for. I've been 
using this arrangement for years and am conscious that I'll need to replace 
the n86 before too long and am on the lookout for new solutions. I'll follow 
this thread with interest.



From: "David Griffith" <d.griffith at btinternet.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2013 10:17 PM
To: "'BCAB Discussion List'" <bcab at lists.bcab.org.uk>
Subject: [BCAB] Book Reader with eloquence TTS?

> I am a continued fan of the Eloquence TTS speech engine.
> At the moment I convert many eBooks to Eloquence mp3 using text Aloud.
> However I wondered is there an old Book Reader I can use that uses 
> Eloquence
> for its Text to speech voice?
> I know that the neither the victor Reader Stream or Pocket Plextalk came
> with Eloquence but wonder if older devices like Book courier or Book Port
> came with Eloquence?
> David Griffith
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