[BCAB] possible problems with my trekker Breeze

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Sun May 19 13:01:14 BST 2013

HI all,

hoping someone can help please with the following query.

Around a month or so ago, I was out and about, using my trekker Breeze as 
part of my journey involved walking in unfamiliar teratory.

Unfortunatley the battery ran out and so I charged the Breeze up hlater on 
hat night.

Had not used it since but as I was making a journey to liverpool on two 
buses yesterday, I decided to use the Breeze.

before setting off, I turned the Breeze on and  I got the usual hi pitched 
beep and then waited for it to start talking but this didn't happen.  I then 
turned it off but didn't hear the usual double tinging which normally 

I then plugged it in and got the high pitched beep as usual.

Now, by accident, I had left it on but was surprised to hear it repeatedly 
saying "battery removed". Think it said this three times.

Having given up on any possibility of using it yesterday, I decided to giv 
it a full charge lat night.

This morning however, I unplugged it from the mains, switched it on but got 
no high pitched beep, no voice and no double ginging sound when turning the 
unit off.

so, is there anything I can possibly do to restore my trekker Breeze to 

It seems rather odd that when plugged into the mains, it works fine. Also, I 
haven't removed the battery and to be honest, i'm not sure you can do this 

Last time I used it back in april, it was working fine, even though the 
battery was low.

The only other hting I noticed is ocasionally whilst talking, the speech wil 
cut out for a second or two, before coming back on to finish what it was 
saying.  don't know if this is a common quirk of the Breeze or not.

If anyone can assist with this rather bizarre query then please do get in 



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