[BCAB] Which Android Phone?

M Lakhani muzz.lakhani at googlemail.com
Sun May 19 18:09:47 BST 2013

I sort of agree with Chris ! The Samsung phones are good, & reasonably accessible I must warn you that they don't always come cheap!
How about Google Nexus 4? It's retail prices start from £239  ! Furthermore it's Android in its purest form, ie no weird visually presented skins, so theoretically it's the most accessible Android! It also gets the new updates 1st - the most important being the successor to the jellybean software , called keelime pie which is just around the corner, & rumoured to improve accessibility !

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On 19 May 2013, at 16:46, Chris H <christopherh40 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've heard lots of good things about the Samsung Galaxy range of phoes. I know lots of my support workers have one, whom one of which did notice accessibility built into the phone by the existance of Talkback. They don't need it as they're sighted.
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> On 19/05/2013 16:41, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I wanted to get an Android Phone - instead of an Iphone - which
>> would people recommend, something reasonably cheap?
>> Ger
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