[BCAB] Printer not working

Ibrahim Gucukoglu ibrahim_gucukoglu at sent.com
Tue May 21 00:31:25 BST 2013

Hi Susan.

Epson printer cartridges have a small micro chip which the printer uses to 
communicate with the cartridge, check for existence and measure the number 
of page copies according to that cartridge's ink yield.  This chip has 
probably failed and so a new ink cartridge will have to be purchased.  A 
company I recommend for ink cartridges is www.inkredible.co.uk, depending on 
the model of your printer they may or may not stock their own brand of 
cartridges for it, these cartridges are excellent quality replacements for 
the originals and the quality is as good as if not exceeds the 
manufacturer's genuine parts which are also about three times as expensive 
as the Inkredible cartridges.

All the best and if you need further assistance with this, send us the 
details of your printer and I'll check for compatibility.

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From: Sue & Ian
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Subject: [BCAB] Printer not working

Hi, I am using an epson printer and this morning was in the middle of 
printing off several copies of a document. The first document printed 
without any problem, I then went to the next document and the printer said 
that one of the inks wasn't compatible to the printer, which of course it 
is. a sighted friend has been over and checked that everything is okay and 
we are still getting the same mnessage. I have tried switching everthing off 
and leaving for several minutes but I am still getting the same message. Has 
anyone any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to resolve it. 
Regards susan Jones
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