[BCAB] Alarming announcement

David Reynolds dkreynolds at ntlworld.com
Sat May 25 13:39:28 BST 2013


What virus/malware protection are you using. This sounds like it might
either be an announcement from one such, or more likely, a piece of malware
making the announcement.
Difficult to track these down, but what generally happens is that they
announce that you have problems on your computer, then charge you some
exorbitant sum to fix them. Make sure that your antivirus/malware software
is up to date, and operational.

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Hi all,

Whilst reading my emails in gmail, I heard a message, from where I
don't know, telling me that there 1935 problems with my computer which
need fixed and to press enter to do this.  What on earth does this
mean?  Any ideas?



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