[BCAB] Alarming announcement

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Sat May 25 17:27:48 BST 2013


In my opinion, I would block sender if it is a message.  If it popped up 
when you opened an email, then block that sender.  If it was nothing to do 
with Outlook then  do not block.
Run a virus scan of your machine.  If this warning is genuine, you might 
usually expect to hear which software has spotted it.  A random message that 
informs you you have many problems is unusual in that you would normally 
need to scan the system for such a number to be picked up.  It maybe that 
you have an active scan running continually but I feel unlikely.
To resolve, C Cleaner is pretty good but I might highly recommend Malware 
Bytes which is also free and has worked for me.


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> Hi all,
> Whilst reading my emails in gmail, I heard a message, from where I
> don't know, telling me that there 1935 problems with my computer which
> need fixed and to press enter to do this.  What on earth does this
> mean?  Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Ruth
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