[BCAB] Organising bookmarks in Safari?

Catherine Turner catherineturner2007 at googlemail.com
Mon May 27 10:57:03 BST 2013

Hello all,

Can anyone help me understand how to organise bookmarks in Safari on
my Mac?  I would like to create folders and delete some bookmarks.  At
the moment I can't figure out how to get into the folder I've already
created to delete a bookmark.  This drives me potty every time I try,
sometimes I manage to do some organising and sometimes I don't, and I
can never remember how I did it.  I would gladly pay someone to do a
tutorial on managing bookmarks in safari with VO.  Can anyone help

More precisely, at the moment I have a folder within the bookmarks
bar.  Within that folder is a bookmark I want to delete.  I go to the
bookmarks menu and choose show all bookmarks.  I then interact with a
table which seems to contain bookmarks bar, bookmarks menu etc.  I
move to the bookmarks bar in that table and then stop interacting.  I
would have expected this to display the contents of the bookmarks bar
somewhere else on the screen but I can't find it.  All I find is new
folder group,new collection group plus the actual bookmarks bar items
which are always displayed - but not, seemingly, in a list/table in
such a way that I can press backspace on them to delete them.  (I do
recall, when I had some sighted help one time, managing to delete
bookmarks and they were in a table, I got to the appropriate item on
the table and then pressed backspace; there was also a disclosure
triangle involved at some point but  just can't get to this stuff

 hope I'm making sense, can anyone help?


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