[BCAB] Windows Updates

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Wed May 29 06:57:48 BST 2013

Hi Pele 

I can't help really other than to say I have done the same thing on a
Samsung N220 windows 7 netbook.

I can get help rebuilding the entire machine and if I need to that's what I
will do though in truth this netbook is now getting on for 3 years old and
it's really done some solid work.  I don't want to rebuild unless absolutely
necessary.  I also can't install windows 7 sp1.



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Hi Everyone

I know I have raised this topic before, but I did nothing about it last
time, so am writing again. Apologies.

I have the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium with Window-Eyes 8.2.

Some time ago I made the mistake of playing about with Windows to run
Windows Mail. As a consequence I have mangled the registry and Windows 7
not update to Service Pack 2. I am afraid to say I did not have the
inclination to do anything about this until I had to.

Now my PC keeps telling me that I have missed an important update. Also I am
quite keen to try Internet Explorer 10. I have loaded IE9 twice and rolled 
back to IE8 as it seemed to behave better.

Has anyone successfully managed to rectify this problem without doing a
complete rebuild? Although I thought I had created rescue discs when I got 
Windows 7, I am not sure how useful they are.

Any advice welcome

Pele West

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