[BCAB] Winstaller Unattended Windows Installer

Chris H christopherh40 at gmail.com
Wed May 29 19:07:21 BST 2013

Mo and all, sorry you had it bad. It's new for possibly all of us, at 
least it is for me. You basically press ctrl-alt-n to start Nvda once 
setup is loaded. It will then talk you through the install. Like you say 
though, updates will be forthcoming and as such we'll know more and more 
about this project. I'm not sure what antivirus you use but I know those 
using Msse are having no problems with Winstaller. I use MalwareBytes 
Pro and don't have a problem with Winstaller either. But if you use 
Mcafee then yes you could be in trouble as it even flags the website as 


On 29/05/2013 17:45, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:
> Hello Muz.
> Well, VLite allows you to adapt a standard windows DVD so you can make
> options like accept license agreements, enter username info during
> install, out of box experience automated. you can disable windows update
> or set it to check and download upon request, slipstream drivers and
> windows updates, and insert your product key if you have one. you can
> enable/disable services as well. it doesn't fully support server 2008R2
> though, though  i haven't tested it extensively. i tried winstaller last
> night, and as soon as i selected the files for my windows7 iso i got an
> auto it error, not a good start! the program just closed. also, anti
> virus checkers keep flagging it as a virus and deleting the code from
> program files rendering the program useless. those 2 problems are
> definitely a show stopper for me, with VLite which i've used for years
> non of these problems are present. i'm curious more than anything how
> they've managed to make the partition screen talk according to chris and
> at what point it talks, i.e does it talk when you boot from the CD?
> more updates in due course if i can get the confounded thing to work. in
> trial mode, nothing's useable, so i can't tell if this is a license
> issue or if i should still be able to make an unattended disk with
> limited functionality. they shouldn't restrict the user so much during
> the trial...
> cheers,
> Mo.
> On 29/05/2013 01:12, M Lakhani wrote:
>> I've never heard of vlite- would be interested to learn more,
>> especially in tandem with TruCrypt or Acronis back ups! Also
>> compatibility with Windows 8 would interest me! A little guidance Mo
>> please?!
>> TIA
>> Muzz
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On 28 May 2013, at 22:00, Mobeen Iqbal <mobeeniqbal at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> hi chris.
>>> Which parts specifically? for example, do they provide speech on the
>>> partitioning screen? if they do i'll be impressed. all other steps
>>> i've completely managed to automate without any programming knowledge
>>> so you're logged straight in to windows and NVDA can be launched if
>>> its not already running. On the custom disks i've made, all you have
>>> to do is put the disk in, boot from it, press up arrow twice and
>>> enter and that installs to the selected partition, automating all
>>> other steps up until the windows desktop/NVDA start. i'm curious more
>>> than anything before shelling out the £45 if this will provide more
>>> functionality than VLite currently offers. if they get it working
>>> with windows8, then yes they'll be a step ahead.
>>> cheers,
>>> Mo.
>>> On 28/05/2013 21:51, Chris H wrote:
>>>> That's ok Mo, but Winstaller goes one step further by providing
>>>> speech in parts of the install that is otherwise inaccessible.
>>>> Chris
>>>> On 28/05/2013 21:22, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:
>>>>> hi chris.
>>>>> many thanks for your email to the list. i've used VLite for years to
>>>>> build my own custom installs for windows 7 and server, it seems to do
>>>>> the same thing as this and is fully accessible. NLite is also
>>>>> useful if
>>>>> you want to make an unattended install of windows XP or earlier
>>>>> operating systems.
>>>>> all the best,
>>>>> Mo.
>>>>> On 28/05/2013 21:15, Chris H wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Alexander.
>>>>>> Well that is fine and you can of course take your pick. I am merely
>>>>>> spreading the word and you can see why in the original thread. I just
>>>>>> think this will open new opportunities for the blind community.
>>>>>> Ok, we
>>>>>> can install Mac Os X without sighted assistance with VoiceOver, but
>>>>>> never Windows, until perhaps now.
>>>>>> Chris
>>>>>> On 28/05/2013 20:15, Alexander Shannon wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Chris,
>>>>>>> Thanks for your reply.
>>>>>>> I remember command line arguments ending in .bat from the past,
>>>>>>> but I'm
>>>>>>> nowhere near knowledgeable enough to add such command lines to an
>>>>>>> unattended
>>>>>>> install program, so although I can see the potential for this
>>>>>>> program
>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>> unattended windows installs, I don't think it could solve my
>>>>>>> potential
>>>>>>> problem.
>>>>>>> Alexander Shannon
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