[BCAB] Mac help for a beginner?

Ian Macrae ian.macrae at disabilitynow.org.uk
Thu Apr 10 12:14:44 BST 2014

Steve, I'm not expert enough to advise on achieving that in Mail, but I know you can set up separate accounts on the Mac and then operate them  from start-up.  That way each account functions independently, including access to mail.

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On 10 Apr 2014, at 12:01, Steve Nutt wrote:


OK I know a lot about PCs and have just jumped into the Mac world by getting
a Macbook Pro.

The hardware is lovely, VO has great assistance built in and by and large,
it's pretty good.  It's not as powerful for configuring as something like
Window-Eyes in my view, but I'm coming along well with it and using it with
an open mind.

However, I've come across an odd thing which is nothing to do with VO and
wondered if anyone can help please?

My wife Angie and I want to share it and so we have set up two accounts in
Mail.  They are both Imap accounts.

However, what my Mac is doing is showing us the mail in a unified inbox,
that is to say all of our mail is mixed up into one inbox.  Is there any way
to turn this off please and to be able to select which inbox we want to
view, or come to that which folder on the Imap server we want to view within
each account, like you can with Outlook?  Ideally we want to be able to
select accounts separately.

Thanks for any help.

All the best



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