[BCAB] This week's Attitude Test

Colin Howard colin at pobox.com
Sat Feb 1 09:51:46 GMT 2014

From: "Chrissie Cochrane" <chrissie at theglobalvoice.info>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 08:37:52 -0000
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Recently there have been some major developments in screenreading software -
the teaming up of GW Micro, makers of Window-Eyes and Microsoft - the
teaming up of Microsoft and Code Factory plus the growth of the use of NVDA
AND THIS WEEK'S Attitude Test asks the question what's the future for
screenreading software.

The program airs Sunday at 18:00 UTC, that's 1 pm Eastern, 10 amPacific in
North America, 6 pm in the UK and 7 pm in Central Europe.

If you'd like to take part iin the show, there are several ways to contact
the live program:  by Skype at the.global.voice; by email at
yourvoice at theglobalvoice.info or by Twitter @theglobalvoice.

We'd love to have your input, whether you're a screenreader user or not.
Join in the debate and have your say.

The Attitude Test on the future of screenreading software: Sunday at 18:00
UTC on the one and only Global Voice.

Managing Director
The Global Voice

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