[BCAB] MacBook- Windows bootcamp keyboard setting

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Sat Feb 1 18:23:32 GMT 2014

I am not sure about the first question but it sounds to me that these
layouts relate to the apple external keyboards and extended  external
keyboard rather than the  laptop keyboard.
I have in any case heard of issues of problems with devices  where
configuration has been set up differently on the Mac side. This is
especially true for Bluetooth devices. Have you ensure that your region is
set to UK on the Mac Side?

In any case the answer to your second question is to use the Windows
freeware utility called Sharp Keys.
This could also be a workaround for getting the UK characters in the places
you want them also.

David Griffith
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I'm running Win 7 Pro (bootcamp) and , JFW 14 on a MacBook. I've got 2
keyboard related issues: 


1. Please does anyone know if it's possible to change my keyboard layout
back to English-UK? I've tried going into 'Regional settings' where I found
3 versions of English UK:


.       UK

.       UK- apple

.       UK- extended


Selecting any of the above didn't fix the issue.


2. Is it possible to remap the Ctrl or Alt keys or change the right windows
key to the 'context menu' button? Basically make the keyboard work like a
Windows keyboard. 


Hope that all makes sense? Will appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance.





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