[BCAB] Update to Victor Reader Stream

Pele West pele.west at west-home.co.uk
Thu Feb 6 09:12:02 GMT 2014

Hi Everyone

I updated my Stream yesterday and think the internet radio is great.

However, I have encountered two problems. I am not complaining, just
wondering how they can be solved:

1. I have not found a way of sorting my Favourites into the order I want
them. There is an option on the menu to import a playlist, which might
be a way of doing it, but I need to export it first so I can organise it.
Or have I got completely the wrong idea!

2. Some of the stations I listen to do not seem to be on OOTunes. Has
anyone contacted them to ask about adding stations?

Also, is the Victor Reader Stream list still active and, if so, what is
the address?

Pele West

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