[BCAB] HTML site layout

Barry Hill barry.hill3 at sky.com
Thu Feb 6 14:14:34 GMT 2014

Hi all

I'm re-designing a website using Dreamweaver CS6 but, as I have no sight,
I'm confused about how to layout the site as described by my sighted
partner.  She tells me that many sites have some navigation across near the
top of the site with other nav in the left column.  Something like this:

<Top nav>
Home	Find us	Contact us	Ask us a question	Useful links

<left nav>
About the Halifax Society for the Blind
The services we offer
Visual Impairment News
Volunteer opportunities
Fund raising

I want the site to be familiar to visitors, so would like to use the top
nav/left nav concept.  I'm looking at writing a two column, liquid layout
with header and footer regions.  Would the top nav go in the header?



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