[BCAB] Accessible DAB radio

Jackie Brown thebrownsplace at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 9 13:28:45 GMT 2014

There was discussion here last week about talking DAB radios, or rather the
lack of them following the demise of the Sonus 1XT.

I thought some might be interested that Roberts do quite a nice little set
called Play.  I am currently evaluating one which arrived yesterday.  This
radio is about the size of the Pure Move, except it is thicker and has
slightly more depth to the sound.  It is a DAB/FM radio with five presets
for each which can be felt on the front of the set.  Indeed, all the buttons
are on the front of this device.

You can insert four double A batteries into the compartment at the back, and
if you want to use rechargeable cells, they can be charged in the radio when
the power source is connected.  In other words, you don't have to charge its
batteries separately and then insert them.

The gimmicky feature of this radio is a rubberised bumper that you can
purchase separately in a variety of colours to put around the edge of the
radio, which has a hole in the top for the aerial to poke through, and also
keeps the various sockets open.  I guess this might be useful for those who
have some sight to contrast the radio a little.

I had this up and running in a couple of minutes, once I worked out what the
various buttons did.  In fact, I was chuffed that it brought me commentary
on my team thrashing Arsenal at lunchtime yesterday, not bad for the Roberts
Play debut!! (smile).  It was easy to tune and preset both bands, and I was
pleased to actually receive DAB downstairs.

This radio can be purchased from BWBF, or on Amazon for around £60, but the
rubber bumpers are separate.

Not a bad radio, and accessible from a tactile perspective, but I can't
comment on the display.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Twitter: @thebrownsplace
Skype: Thejackmate

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